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The Cresswind Neighborhood Theatre is proud to present: 

You are cordially invited to the birthday party of eccentric zillionaire and pilot, “Budgy” Ninny, who is about to announce the winner of a million dollar art endowment that will be given upon his death. 

Pay attention during the welcome reception as you will meet several other birthday guests to include the three endowment nominees, Lord Ninny’s long-suffering fourth wife, the Ninny family physician and his nurse, and the loyal but laconic family butler. You may learn something as you speak to them!!

After the reception, audience members will be seated for the dinner portion of the party.  The problem is the adventurous pilot is nowhere to be seen, and a detective steps forward to explain that he has arrived at the party to investigate the tycoon’s...murder! 

Zany characters and wacky plot twists will all culminate with each party table guessing "who did it?" 

A delicious 3-course meal provided by Cucina Milano Catering. Appetizers provided by Jeffrey Sulka (Edwards Jones)

Mayhem provided by the Cresswind Neighborhood Theatre

Tickets - $35 each

Sales begin October 18, 2021 9AM to 12PM - Clubhouse Lobby
Includes wine, appetizers, 3-course dinner and the show!  
Ballroom set-up will be round tables with eight per table.
Table location will be assigned at time of purchase.
Purchase as many tickets as you like.
The show is open to friends and family. 
For more information contact us at

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