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Meet the family that inspired it all -



It's Tony's funeral (Or is it?) and his wife Toffee has invited you to the wake. Chris wants you should check your weapons at the door (and if you don't have any, he's got extras!). Uncle Senior has a rigged dice game going and Tony's Ma is - well just nuts. Tony's shrink Dr. Malaise is giving free analysis and the Father isn't sure what he is doing! 

But one thing is for sure, almost no one seems sad that Tony is gone and they certainly don't seem happy once he's discovered alive.

                                                                          DIRECTOR - Scott Larson
                                                                 ASSISTANT DIRECTOR - Joyce Plawecki

                                                                                  THE CAST:
                       TONY ALTO - Rob Plawecki                                          TOFFEE ALTO - Laurie Schussler
                       CHRIS - Bruce Leyton                                                   UNCLE SENIOR - Jim Kalina
               NONA - Carol Kruskamp                                               FATHER FLIP - Scott Anderson
                        DELIVERY MAN -  Bill Kruskamp

                                                                                  THE CREW:
           LIGHTS - Barbara Hillick, Mike Beuke, Mike Dyer, Gale Pendergast, Rod Quisenberry, Ernie Seymour
               SOUND - Leo Cortjens, Peter Bertasi, Bob Green, Carl Mongrue, Marilyn Young, Henry Zeranski
                      COSTUMES - Teresa Bruhn, Mary McDonald              PROPERTIES - Cathy Jeffrey
                  PRODUCTION ASSISTANT - Rich St. George                GRAPHIC DESIGN - Paul Brown
                         PROGRAM  - Rich St. George                                         PHOTOGRAPHY - Paul Brown
                         VIDEOGRAPHY - Ray Brown

Christmas Lights
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Scene It Holiday Edition Logo.png
Co-Directed by - Rich St. George & Julie Edmondson
Musical Direction - Jenni Stancil

The Ensemble:
Wayne Blum                                       Teresa Bruhn
Gloria Dyer                                         Julie Edmondson
 Kim Fallona                                        Andy Hampton
Lance Haney                                       Kristin Hoyt
Julie James                                         Cathy Jeffrey
 Cathy Kosmakski                                Carol Kruskamp
 Wayne Schrader                                 Russ Schussler
 Deb Seymour                                      Sandy St. George
Jenni Stancil                                         Kathy Stoessel
Whit Adams                                    Pat Green

The Crew:
Lights - Mike Beuke, Mike Dyer, Gale Pendergast, Ernie Seymour
Sound - Leo Cortjens, Peter Bertasi, Marilyn Young, Carl MongrueHenry Zeranski
Costumes: Teresa Bruhn
Props - Cathy Jeffrey
Stage Pieces - Bill Langan, Eileen Langan, Dave Pech, Cass York, Tom Stagl
Makeup - Laure Homa, Sydell Kalnitz, Kay Rawlins, Whit Adams
Set Decorations - Abby Saccomanno
Photography - Howie Mueller
Videography - Ray Brown
Graphic Design - Paul Brown
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