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Welcome to Cresswind and to the Storytelling Club.


The Storytellers share their wonderful stories in the Clubhouse Ballroom


Every month on the third Thursday at 3:00pm


Usually about 2/3 of the people who attend our monthly sessions are listeners.  You do not have to tell a story but just come and listen. 


One month the guiding theme was “My Favorite Job” and another was

“All That Glistens is Not Gold”......You see, you are thinking of a story already!


For more information, contact Bert Emma at We would love to add you to the Storytelling Club distribution list.  Please come to our next session where the storytellers and listeners have such a great time and they would love for you to be a part of it.  Remember, everyone has a story to tell or listen to!


  All levels of storytellers and listeners, including

beginners with no experience, are welcome!


To assist you in creating your own stories, click on and download  the resources below:







Activities of the Cresswind Storytelling Club include:

·    Demonstrate storytelling skills learned through the telling of your stories.        

·    Listen to and enjoy the stories 

·    Discuss what makes for a good story.

·    Review storytelling techniques.

·    Share storytelling knowledge and experience.

·    If requested, obtain coaching and guidance.

·    Explore outreach opportunities for the Storytelling Club.

·    Prepare for a Cresswind Storytelling Showcase event

 Notebook Exercises
 Creating and Telling a Story
 Nine Steps to Better Storytelling
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