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Performing Arts Technical TeaM


Do you have an interest in the behind-the-scenes activities which help make performances at Cresswind so great? 


Would you like to learn more about the lighting, sound, staging, or special effects teams' opportunities?


Then join the 

Performing Arts Technical Team

Watch for announcements of educational sessions  or        

Mixing Console

  • Sound (sound board operation, actor mics, sound effects, cue scripts)

  •  Lighting (lighting techniques, programming, cue-scripts, installation) 

  • Special Effects & Multimedia (fog machines, screen projection) 

  • Set Design (sets, props, cue scripts, construction, painting) 

  • Videography (filming of performances, film editing) 

The overarching benefits of the Performing Arts Technical Team are to provide to those in our community, the prospect to: contribute, pursue personal technical and creative interests, create a sense of accomplishment, and most importantly… HAVE FUN!


Please spread the word to your friends, so you may be able to share this experience with them.

We really do have fun with this, and it is very personally rewarding!  

No Experience Necessary!


A car door slams shut; loud thunder follows lightning; the phone rings 3 times!  All this is made possible on stage through magical sound effects. 


The spotlight shines on the star of the show or the incredible soloist.  The mood changes in a play and the stage turns a calm blue.  All this is made possible through the magical effects of lighting.

The scene takes place in an old fashioned living room.  The walls are 1950's, an old fashioned telephone and typewriter sit on the desk.  The set and props put the audience in the time and place.


A fire starts and smoke comes billowing thru - why? - because of special effects!


The videographer is making sure Cresswind performances are professionally captured and saved in perpetuity for all to enjoy. 

Tech Crew.jpeg

Our Mission

To centralize and manage the technical resources which support performances and programs presented to the Cresswind community and offer an outlet to all who may wish to contribute, participate and have fun in the process.

Stage Lights
Performance Lighting
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