Next Meeting Discussion:
"Death of a Salesman"
by  Arthur Miller

January 18, 3PM, Crow's Nest

The Theatre-Goers Book Club, formerly known as the Playscript Readers Club, has

changed its name to reflect the progression this club has made in the last few years.


In addition to the primary focus of reading and analyzing plays, the additional


element of attending a live performance at a local theatre is a great way to share


insights and appreciate all dimensions of the theatre experience.


Now that theaters are opening up again,

what a great way to celebrate and support our local theatres!

  • Play scripts are readily available at Amazon, local libraries, bookstores, or other electronic sources. If you are having a problem locating a copy, contact TGBC.

  • Meeting Location and Time:  Third Tuesday of every other month at 3:00 PM in the Crow's Nest

  • 2021 dates: January 19, March 16, May 18, July 20, September 21, November 16

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