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The Cresswind Neighborhood Theatre (CNT) November 2018 performance of Noel Coward’s
present laughter 



Wayne Blum—Henry Lyppiatt

Mim Gilberg—Lady Saltburn

Andy Hampton—Roland Maule

Jim Kalina—Fred

Cathy Kosmanski—Liz Essendine

Carol Kruskamp—Daphne Stillington

Kate Monahan—Joanne Lyppiatt

Denny Moore—Garry Essendine

Rob Plawecki—Morris Dixon

Betsy Robertson—Monica Reed

Pam Snell—Miss Erikson

At the centre of his own universe sits matinee idol Garry Essendine: suave, hedonistic and too old, says his wife, to be having numerous affairs. His line of harmless, infatuated debutantes is largely tolerated but playing closer to home is not. Just before he escapes on tour to Africa the full extent of his misdemeanours is discovered. And all hell breaks loose. Noel Coward's Present Laughter premiered in the early years of the Second World War just as such privileged lives were threatened with fundamental social change.


Scott Larson—Director

Joe Tellus—Assistant Director

Wayne Blum—Production Manager

Maury Kalnitz—Assistant Production Manager

Joe Tellus—Stage Management

Teresa Bruhn—Costume Design

Ron Craddick; Mike Beuke—Lighting and Special Effects

Leo Cortjens—Sound and Sound Effects

Laurie Homa—Make Up

Susan Nix—Props

Eileen Langan; Bill Langan—Set Design, Decorations and Construction

Andy Hampton—Programs

Doug Geganto—Program Ad Sales

Susan Nix—Props


Paul Brown—Photography and Videography

Paul Brown—Production Design

Betsy Robertson—Box Office

Cheryl Dizard—House Management

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