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Nothing Serious

November 12th, 13th and 14th at 7:30P.M.  
November 15th at 3:00P.M.

Many residents and friends came along to see the Cresswind Neighborhood Theatre’s production of “NOTHING SERIOUS” which was a collection of Rich Orloff's most popular short comedies. The Rochester Post writes: “A lot of laughs. Quick, clever, funny and touching".  


Wayne Blum           Pat Bursten            Gloria Dyer  

Bert Emma             Hal Flomerfelt         Doug Geganto

Mim Gilberg            Roy Gogel              Andy Hampton   Carol Kruskamp      Ron Mack              Arnie Miesch

Brigitte Miesch        Ray Miller             Denny Moore     Rob Plawecki          Betsy Robertson   Kathy Stoessel


Thanks to the Cresswind residents who auditioned and for their hard work, dedication and skills that they demonstrated throughout the audition process.  “Nothing Serious” is a large ensemble team and each team member will enjoy the theatrical experience that will be gained from participating on the production team.  And everyone will have fun!


In preparation for the auditions for "Nothing Serious" a Table Read of the play was held on June 24, 2015.  Over 20 aspiring Cresswind actors and design team leaders participated.  Everyone read a portion of the script which helped to bring to life the characters involved and the different scenes.  Thanks to everyone for the wonderful team effort.  Here are some pictures taken by Paul Brown:

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