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 Solve the mystery of the 

“Witness for the Prosecution”

The Cresswind Neighborhood Theatre (CNT) November 2017 performance of

Agatha Christie’s classic whodunnit:


"Witness for the Prosecution”  


 Leonard Vole stands accused of murdering a rich widow. The stakes are high with shocking witness testimony and a young man’s fight to escape the hangman’s noose.......


Whit Adams—The Other Woman

Wayne Blum—Mr. Myers

Bert Emma—Carter

Hal Flomerfelt—Mr. Clegg

Andy Hampton—Leonard Vole

Fred Irvin—Mr. Justice Wainwright

Cathy Kosmanski—Romaine

Ron Mack—Mr. Mayhew

Arnie Miesch—Inspector Hearne

Mary Miller—Woman

Kate Monahan—Janet Makenzie

Joyce Plawecki—Clerk of the Court

Rob Plawecki—Dr. Wyatt

Pam Snell—Greata

Phyllis Solgere—Policewoman

Joe Tellus—Sir Wilfrid Robarts

Agatha Christie is the Best!

“Witness for the Prosecution” is generally regarded as one of Agatha Christie’s most accomplished plays - a suspenseful thriller that has twists and turns and keeps audiences guessing until the very end.  

Did he do it – or did he not?

The stage is set for a suspenseful courtroom drama.

Leonard has the best defense lawyer in England but who will be the key witness for the prosecution?  Will Leonard be found guilty?  Did he do it or did he not?



Paul Brown—Director

Scott Larson—Assistant Director

Bert Emma—Production Manager

Eileen Langan; Bill Langan—Set Design, Decorations and Construction

Heidi Anderson—Makeup

Leo Cortjens; Marilyn Young—Sound and Sound Effects

Miriam Gilberg—Costume Design

Ron Craddick; Mike Beuke—Lighting and Special Effects

Duncan Niven—Props

Whit Adams—Program

Keith Guernsey—Program Ad Sales

Paul Brown; Leo Cortjens; Howie Mueller—Photography and Videography

Joyce Plawecki; Rob Plawecki—Production Team Party

Mary Joan Gogel—Box Office

Dawn Charette—House Management

Ed Sheppard—Trial Law Consultant

Agatha Christie (1890-1976) is the author not only of The Mousetrap, the longest running stage production in history but also Witness for the Prosecution and And Then There Were None to name but a few of her greatest stage successes. 

Her novels have sold more than 2 billion copies around the world, and she is only outsold by the Bible and Shakespeare. 

Buy your Tickets now at the front desk and solve the mystery of the “Witness for the Prosecution”!

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