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OP9 playing to a packed house
Arlene and Kelly showing how it is done
John and Peter...the rhythm of the band
Proud Mary would be so PROUD!
Rich and the girls
Rob D Rockin!
Kelly Photobomb.jpg
OP8 Twin Lakes.jpg
Mimi OP9.jpg
Boots OP9
OP9 Full Band.jpg
OP9 Boots
Wayne Blum Singing
OP9 Confetti.jpg
Arlene and the Bongos


Out Past Nine is a seven-member band that plays feel-good, sing-along rock and pop dance tunes from the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s and beyond. They enjoy hitting the first few notes of a song and hearing everyone say…
”I love this song and haven’t heard it for the longest time”...
...and then the audience gets up and dances all night long!
OUT PAST NINE…the dance-along, sing-along, vinyl classic playing band!


John Stevens OP9.jpg
John Op9.jpg

John Stevens founded OUT PAST NINE in 2017, and with input from his wife Arlene and the other band members, sets the tone and direction for the band.

As a pre-teen, John was smitten by the songs and sound of the British Invasion, and toiled countless hours pulling weeds for neighbors in order to buy his first bass guitar…a cheap model of Paul McCartney’s ‘Beatle bass’. The accordion lessons that he endured as a child taught him how to read music and helped him to self-learn the guitar and bass.

John played bass guitar in various bands throughout high school but then set his guitars aside as life as a college student, grad student, working professional, and husband-father became priorities.

Since retiring in 2015, John is again back to buying bass guitars and enjoying this chance to re-play the songs he grew up with. His favorite bass player quote is from Suzi Quatro who is credited with saying, “The guitar is for the head, the drums are for the chest…but the bass gets you right in the groin.”

Arlene Stevens, along with her husband John, is one of the founding members of OUT PAST NINE, and one of the lead singers of the band.

She was ‘discovered’ by her husband-to-be while playing acoustic guitar and singing folk tunes with her college friends in their dormitory hallway. Long before attending college, Arlene was singing along to such songs as Shelly Fabre’s ‘Johnny Angel’ and Leslie Gore’s ‘Its My Party’. Later on, the music of Carole King, Carly Simon, and other artists of the late-60s and early-70s captured her heart and kept her singing.

Although she gave up guitar playing for manicured fingernails, she still adds some percussion rhythm to OUT PAST NINE’s sound and style with her tambourine, wood block, shaker, and hand-drum playing.

OUT PAST NINE provides the perfect combination of song-type, music style, and retirement-bliss as Arlene sings the songs that she grew up with, and continues to love.

For her, every OUT PAST NINE song and every OUT PAST NINE performance is a ‘feel-good’ moment.

Arlene Stevens OP9.jpg
Arlene Op9.jpg
Wayne Blum OP9.jpg
Wayne Op9.jpg

Wayne Blum is one of the vocalists for the band. He has been with Out Past Nine for about 5 years.


He has no previous musical experience but we have never held that against him.

Prior to retirement he spent his entire career in Information Technology. It wasn’t until he retired and got involved in community activities that he found out he could sing. He has a fellow neighbor (and some adult beverages) to thank for giving him the courage to sing to an audience.

Wayne has always loved music. His interest in music started like most others of his generation. He was influenced by early Rock & Roll, Doo-Wop, Elvis, Motown and, of course, the Beatles. He also enjoys listening to Tony Bennett, Nat King Cole, Diana Krall, Bing Crosby and the Mills Brothers.

He truly enjoys being a part of this band.  They are great musicians and singers and a lot of fun to be around!  Just like the shows they put on…a good time had by all that attend.

Kelly Roth is originally from East Tennessee. She moved to the Atlanta area in 1996 with her husband (our tech guy) and son.

She became involved with Out Past Nine in 2018 after an evening of singing karaoke at a local restaurant.

(There may have been some drinking involved also.)

Music has always been in her heart. She grew up singing in the church and school choir. Once she turned 16 and had her drivers license, she would have daily, full-blown radio sing-a-long concerts while driving the country roads of East Tennessee in her little blue Datsun B210. The cows loved it!

While growing up, she never missed a chance to watch the Donnie and Marie Osmond Show or Dolly Parton on the local Sunday morning Cas Walker Show. However, her favorite show of all time way back then was HEE HAW. She loved watching all the singing and dancing skits. Nothing highbrow…just fun!

Her favorite song was never a super popular one, it’s by Dolly Parton, “You Know That I Love You. Her dad would sing that song to her all the time as a child and that song just brings happy thoughts and memories to her mind. Here’s thinking of you, daddy!

Kelly OP9.jpg
Kelly In Action_edited.jpg
Rob Demchak OP9.jpg
Rob OP9.jpg

Rob Demchak is the guitar player for Out Past Nine and they are thrilled to have him.

He joined the group in 2020. He, like the rest of the band, played in his younger days and had to give up the rock & roll dream because he liked to eat.

His musical career started in the 4th grade where he learned how to play the sousaphone/tuba. He continued playing those throughout his high school years. (By the way, we are looking to incorporate a tuba in our rendition of Stairway to Heaven. Be forewarned!) He then moved on to study music in college as a Lower Brass Major.

MEANWHILE, he has been playing guitar during this same time. He continued to give the guitar more of his attention (much to all the tuba enthusiasts dismay). Throughout the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s he was the rock guitar player on the Jersey shore with multiple rock bands.

He has several musical influences to include Eric Clapton, Dickie Betts, Warren Haze, David Gilmore, and Carlos Santana amongst others.

We asked him what his favorite song is (besides Freebird) and he says that there are just too many to choose from. It was just to difficult.

Out Past Nine is lucky to have him in the band and once you hear him play you will understand!

Peter Bertasi is the bands drummer extraordinaire!

He is working on his sixth year with the band and they have not kicked him out yet!

In the past he has played the accordion and guitar but we are glad that he settled on the drums. (There are not many rock songs that call for an accordion. If you can think of one let us know.)

Peter grew up on the Motown harmonies of the 50s, 60s so the movie American Graffiti is one of his listening favorites!, Whereas he has no real band or artist favorites he just enjoys the pure artistry of the musicians and singers no matter what genre.

Also, he really enjoys almost anything classically Baroque. (Insert joke here.)

Peter continues to be the backbone of the rhythm section and is the main reason we are not playing at 168 BPM

Peter Bertasi OP9.jpg
Peter OP9.jpg
Rich St George
Rich OP9.jpg

Rich St George is the newest member of the band as he just started rehearsals with them in April of 2023.

He is their keyboard player and is working towards the Rick Wakeman school of professionalism. He is currently working on the cape he will wear for the performances. His new nickname will be Mr. Chops.

Rich used to play keyboards way back in his teens and twenties but then life got in the way. (Also, it was hard to lug around a keyboard back in the 80’s.) He is picking it up again after all these years in order to play with this great group of people. He is currently trying to figure out what a tetrachord is and why is there always an augmented fourth, sixth and ninth above a bass note.

One thing he wants you to know is…you are NOT allowed to yell FREEBIRD during the concert. That may get you expelled. Remember that we know people.



Ernest OP9.jpg

Tim Roth joined the band in 2018 with his wife Kelly just before retiring in 2019. There is no time to keep working when you’re in a band. Tim says he is not musically inclined like the band mates and we have heard him sing...that is why he is working the tech side for the band!

Tim brings all the technology components to the group. He has always been the techie type and was able to put that to good use in making sure OUT PAST NINE can he heard! He even helped them move from paper music to a 'soft' solution on the IPAD. YUP we entered the 2000's thanks to Tim

He also enjoys running the sound board during the show, and yes, it’s also on an iPad. We are glad he doesn't need a hearing aid like the rest of us!

When you see someone running around during a concert it is probably Tim as he wants to make sure no matter where an audience is sitting they get to hear a great show.

Tim Roth OP9.jpg
Tim OP9_edited.jpg
Concert Live Audience




Pam M.

"Great songs...great talent...and a lot of fun!"

Carol K

"Every time I see them they get better and better!! Love the new songs!"

Scott D.

"...You show up and Out Past Nine makes it a PARTY!"

Ron S.

Fun group of neighbors putting out some great musical sounds! Love OP9!

Cathy K.

"Every time they play I have to come...why??? Because it is FUN!"

Marty J.

FUN, FUN, FUN...what more can I say other than my feet are sore from dancing so much!

May 29, 2024

OUT PAST NINE was making news after their rockin' performance on the square in Gainesville, GA. The event was packed with everyone having a great rock'n'roll time!

Gainesville Times


Out Past Nine is a fun and entertaining band that will keep you on your feet all night. With their unique mix of songs that you will remember,

they are sure to be a hit at any event.

Book them now for an unforgettable experience!

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